Peptide Therapy

Peptides are short-chain amino acids bonded together in nature. These amino acid chains are used in peptide therapy to assist cure a range of medical ailments while also fostering optimal health and well-being. Each peptide chain has its own structure and function, yet it has the unique capacity to influence multiple features at the same time.

One peptide, for example, can boost both growth hormone production and sexual vigor. Insulin was first used in peptide treatment in the 1920s. Many novel peptides have made huge strides in terms of development and popularity in recent years. Over 150 peptides are now in development or in use, including over 70 FDA-approved peptide medicines.

The new peptide medicines are a groundbreaking development that can help patients with a wide range of medical issues. Peptides have a wide range of applications and are used to treat whatever you instruct them to; they can be an ideal choice for specific target areas.

Peptide treatment may result in the following outcomes:

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We work with you to design a treatment plan that best matches your personal health goals.  It’s not just about treating specific conditions,  but rather helping you lead an optimally healthy lifestyle. 

Common Questions About Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy is the medicinal application of particular peptides to help manage health issues and concerns. Over 7,000 naturally occurring peptides (amino acid strings) have been identified by scientists.

Over 60 peptide drugs have been approved by the FDA, and researchers are now testing over 600 additional peptides in clinical trials.

Your Doctor will determine if you’re a good candidate for peptide therapy during a consultation. The applications are numerous due to the numerous variations in peptide structure. Some peptides can help with age-related illnesses like osteoporosis, while others can help with weight management by promoting fat loss.

There are many types of peptides used for therapy. The peptides we offer for therapy include: 


BPC-157 is a peptide present in the gastric juice of your stomach. BPC-157 has been demonstrated to hasten wound healing when used therapeutically.

Thymosin Alpha-1 

The thymus gland produces thymosin alpha-1. This peptide has been found to promote immune health and could be utilized to treat hepatitis B and C, as well as improve immunological health in cancer patients who are receiving immune-suppressive therapy.

Ipamorelin and CJC

CJC and ipamorelin belong to the growth hormone secretagogues (GHSs) family of peptides that increase growth hormone secretion. These peptides may help you lose weight and gain muscle mass while also improving your sleep.

AOD 9064

AOD 9064 is an anti-obesity medication that improves fat burning. This peptide may also aid in cartilage repair and regeneration.


PT-141 is used to boost libido and sexual excitement in both men and women. It is also beneficial to males who have ED.


Cerebrolysin is a nootropic that boosts cognitive abilities like memory, creativity, and motivation.

Melanotan II

Melanotan II has a structure that is comparable to the hormone that stimulates melanin formation (pigmented skin cells). Dr. Guy may employ peptide therapy to help those with ED, fibromyalgia, and skin disorders including rosacea.

The Advantages of Peptide Therapy

Peptides are important for promoting body responses and actions, and they can be helpful in treating specific problems. Because peptides are changeable in function, this treatment enables for direct targeting of a wide spectrum of issues.

Peptide treatment can be used to address a variety of issues. Because peptides are so versatile and only treat what you order them to, they can be a fantastic choice for treating specific areas.

Systemic and Cognitive Benefits:

  • Better, deeper, more restful sleep
  • Increased growth hormone levels
  • Less cellulite
  • Less joint and muscle discomfort
  • Improved nail development
  • Better exercises and recovery
  • Increased vitality, stamina, and strength
  • Increased lean muscle growth via new muscle cell production
  • Increased muscle mass, definition, and endurance
  • Increased skin elasticity, decreasing wrinkles
  • Improved bone density and health
  • Improved brain functions
  • Reduced body fat
  • Stronger immune system
  • Accelerated healing from surgery or wounds
  • Fuller, volumized hair growth
  • Increased sex drive