What is Genetic Analysis?

Genetic analysis is a branch of medicine that makes use of information about your genetic makeup as well as your living environment. By combining this data, you can generate predictions about the types of health problems you’re likely to face and locate the most effective therapies.

DNA is a material found inside your genes that originates from both your parents. Your genes provide instructions for making proteins and enzymes that influence how your cells function.

Variations in skin, hair, and eye color, as well as other features of your physical and psychological composition, are caused by genes.

Hereditary testing can uncover genes that carry information that can contribute to the development of genetic illnesses like cystic fibrosis. Other genes have single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that make you more susceptible to various diseases when paired with particular environmental factors.

Using Genetic Analysis, Bluegrass Preventive Medicine can identify whether you’re more susceptible to diseases like:

How does Genetic Analysis improve my health?

Genetic Analysis looks for alterations in your DNA, often known as mutations or variants. Genetic testing can help you or a family member receive better medical treatment in a variety of situations. Hereditary testing, for example, can provide a diagnosis for a genetic disorder like Fragile X syndrome or information about your cancer risk. There are numerous types of genetic tests. A blood or spit sample is used for genetic tests, and the findings are usually available in a few weeks. Because we share DNA with our family members, if you have a genetic change, it’s possible that your family members may as well.

Your provider at Patient Choice can use Genetic Testing Analysis to help you make lifestyle changes that could minimize your risk of developing illnesses like heart disease and high blood pressure. Knowing you’re more vulnerable allows you to take prudent actions to reduce the negative effects of the environment on your health.

Your Bluegrass Preventive Medicine provider can discover health problems earlier using the information provided by Genetic Testing Analysis. They can also help you personalize your treatment plan, as Genetic Testing Analysis can tell you which treatments are most likely to work for someone with your genetic profile.

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What genetic preventive medicine tests are there?

Patient Choice offers a variety of genetic testing to assist identify and, in many cases, prevent inherited disorders. Comprehensive genetic testing examines your entire DNA and determines your risk of contracting certain diseases.

You can also get genetic testing to help you lose weight. Based on your unique DNA, this genetic test generates a customised metabolic, diet, nutrition, and exercise report. Telomere length can reveal how well you’re aging and determine your biological age, according to some research, which can help you make better lifestyle choices.

Many of the tests available at Patient Choice aren’t normally available at regular medical clinics, but they can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your health and predict your likelihood of becoming ill in the future. With that knowledge, you can start on a course of treatment to protect yourself.

Preventive medicine focuses on keeping you healthy and preventing you from being ill in the first place. It’s far preferable to avoid disease if at all possible, or to receive early notice if you’re at risk of developing certain diseases, than to wait until you’re unwell to act.

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