Do You Have A Sleep Disorder?

Nearly seven out of 10 Americans experience frequent sleep issues. Sleep problems and lack of sleep can affect everything from personal and work productivity to behavioral and relationship problems.

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders affecting approximately 20 million adults in the United States with an estimated 80 percent undiagnosed. Many people are unaware that a sleep disorder is the underlying cause of their health problems. Others may be aware, but uninformed of the severe consequences of untreated sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep studies for apnea are usually conducted at hospitals or sleep labs. Of the roughly 3.5 million sleep tests per year, about 80 percent can be done at home. Home sleep tests have become increasingly popular with patients, physicians, and insurance companies over the last decade. Home sleep tests are more convenient than a sleep study in an unfamiliar lab that can take weeks for an appointment.

Sleep apnea can be caused by a person’s physical structure or medical conditions. These include obesity, large tonsils, tumors in the upper airway, endocrine disorders, neuromuscular disorders, heart or kidney failure, certain genetic syndromes and premature birth.

Sleep apnea is characterized by frequent breaks or pauses in breathing during sleep, which causes frequent interruptions in the sleep pattern. Oftentimes the sufferer does not fully wake up and is unaware of the severity of their sleep disturbance. These interruptions to restful sleep cause powerful and dangerous effects within the body. Sleep apnea disrupts how the body takes in oxygen and can have and effects on circulation, which makes it hard for the brain to control how blood flows in the arteries and the brain itself. The death rate from all causes is higher in patients with moderate to severe sleep apnea.

Do You Need A Sleep Study?

If you have just ONE of these symptoms, you may benefit from a sleep study:

  • Sleepiness and fatigue that persists more than two to three weeks
  • Napping
  • Snoring
  • Regular difficulty staying asleep at night
  • Pauses in breathing or gasping for breath when sleeping
  • Feeling so tired when you wake up in the morning that you cannot function normally during the day

    Proper diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder decreases the feeling of sleepiness and safety risks, and improves memory. After a sleep study, an estimated 85 to 90 percent of patients get better sleep.

Simple Steps to Your Sleep Study

We now offer convenient home sleep kits at a fraction of the cost. Patient Choice Ultrasound and Thermography is a cash basis business-answering the call to the out of pocket high deductibles! At a price of only $275.00, you can complete a sleep study in the comfort of your own home. This price includes the hand scored interpretation by a board sleep medicine specialist. Your family doctor can order this examination directly through us. You can schedule a time to pick up your sleep study kit that is convenient to you. Once you have completed the test in your own home with the Alice Night One sleep kit and bring it back the next day, PCU will upload your data to be interpreted. The recorded readings will be interpreted by Pamela Combs MD, FACP Diplomat ABSM, ABIM/SM. A report will be sent to your physician within a few short days.

Pick up your sleep study kit Monday- Sunday at an appointment time that is convenient to you and simply return the next morning. To schedule your sleep study pick up time call 859-554-7360.

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